Monday, November 01, 2004

An Overview

Everyone views the world in light of some group of core beliefs – some basic philosophy that forms the foundation upon which they build their entire worldview. Then, whether they realize it or not, every person takes the events they view on a daily basis, runs them through the filter of their worldview, and forms their opinions accordingly. It is this process that, in turn, forms ones opinion on how society should run, what is referred to as an ideology.

For example, an atheist and a Christian may witness the same mugging. The atheist views the mugger in light of a purely scientific, naturalistic worldview. To the atheist the mugger may be someone who has not evolved to the point of being able to exercise the proper rationale necessary to overcome the more base, primal instincts still present in his DNA from the time his ancestors were animals. The Christian, on the other hand, views the event in light of biblical teaching. To the Christian the mugger is a person who is probably a slave to his sinful nature, is acting in accordance with that nature, and is in dire need of the salvation available in Jesus Christ.

Of course, Christianity and atheism are only two of the many worldviews utilized by people. In addition there are also worldviews like agnosticism, humanism, deism, theism, paganism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, etc. These worldviews are similar to each other in some regards and vastly different in others. But the first line of separation is whether or not one believes in a creator god. If not, then the worldviews tend to take on a humanistic flavor. If so, then the question of proper theology comes into play.

Thideology assumes a creator god and is, therefore, the study of proper theology and how it relates to ideology. The best way to live one's life is to do so in accordance with the standards of the One who is the author of life. Understanding who God is and what He expects of us is critical in applying the principles which govern the proper approach to life. Thideology is the pursuit of orthodox theology and the practical application of that theology. More simply put, thideology is the study of politics and religion.