Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ABC's new "drama"

PARODY (News) – That the premier of ABC’s new drama “Commander in Chief” conveniently corresponds with the upcoming presidential campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton (the first woman candidate to have a legitimate chance at winning the White House), is purely coincidental, according to sources from both ABC and Senator Clinton’s staff (which just happened to be the same person).

“At ABC we are just concerned about producing quality programming that will entertain our audience,” said an ABC spokesman from his office at the “Hillary for President 2008” headquarters. “Just because ‘Commander in Chief’ features a woman as president does not mean …

Oh, the heck with this!

I had planned to write a parody news story illustrating the absurd nature of ABC’s shameless partisan portrayal of Geena Davis as the first woman president of the United States. It was my intention to demonstrate, by going a little over the top, that the new ABC drama, “Commander in Chief,” is nothing more than an hour-long campaign commercial scheduled to run once a week during prime time on a major network. However, in this case, reality has far outstripped my imagination. Just take a look here at what transpired on the pilot.

When commercials started to air promoting the new show I knew what it was intended to accomplish. This show is about nothing more than getting the American public accustomed to, and hopefully excited about, the idea of a woman president. It is no secret that Senator Clinton will be seeking the Democratic nomination for president in 2008 so, in effect, this new “drama” is nothing more than the wholesale endorsement of a political candidate by ABC. I had even intended to include in my parody statements by a person who worked for both ABC and the Hillary campaign, thinking that would be a good way of illustrating absurdity with absurdity. But even on this my imagination failed to keep pace with reality.

Beyond the complimentary political ad, the show is also thick with caricatures of Christians, conservatives, Republicans, people who aren’t women, and pretty much anyone who does not share a radical left-wing worldview.

I’m a staunch advocate of the free market. If ABC wants to underwrite Hillary's presidential campaign that’s their business. I would just make one suggestion. They may want to consider changing their official “Commander in Chief” logo to something a little more appropriate.


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