Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Educators" get upset

John Stossel's stand against the government monopoly controlled "public" education system has angered a few people. Teacher unions, one of the prime beneficiaries of the monopoly, are demanding Stossel apologize for insisting that school choice and market control of education would be better than the current system. In fact, they are planning to demonstrate against him and his convictions.

Stossel, however, has addressed the situation in an article entitled, "The teachers unions are mad at me," and appears to be unmoved by their demands. He seems convinced of the validity of his arguments and is standing by them. I agree with Stossel and am glad he is remaining stalwart.

I just hope the unions, after becoming frustrated with their failed demonstrations, don't decide to send a "representative," like Knuckles here, to "negotiate" with Stossel the terms of his apology.


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